What is Majlis X?

A Meetup specialized in business and entrepreneurship, launched by Heights Company in Riyadh. Majlis X

presents the most prominent topics related to the business world and links them to the events industry sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to explore the depths of this sector and activate the content presented around it, with a varied and rich hosting of distinguished guests and speakers in their specialties, experiences and local expertise.

The Meaning

Majlis X is an Arabic term meaning "sitting room", used to describe various types of special gatherings among common interest groups. Majlis X expresses the meeting room or the front of the house that welcomes visitors for the purpose of entertainment, learning, and holding dialogues and discussions on various topics.

The Concept

Majlis X adopts a dialogue character, so that the moderator of the session dialogues with his guests, and the attendees share their questions and experiences on the topic at hand, and everyone harmonizes in a session that advances knowledge, science and coffee in one space filled with exploration, and motivated by learning from others and continuity in development and work in the “Majlis X”; the place where the human being on his professional nature!


Majlis X presents concepts and perceptions about every field of knowledge in the business world, and is based on naming each copy of it according to the subject area. For example, when we talk about the customer experience, we present the council as a “customer experience” Majlis and if we are talking about identity and branding, we call it “The trademark” Majlis in order to classify the knowledge under clear topics for the purposes of archiving on Heights website


  • Experienced professionals meet knowledge seekers in one place

  • Enriching Arabic content with regard to the event industry

  • Communicate with success partners on a regular basis

  • Establishing relationships with different entities

  • Building a future knowledge base about the events sector in the Kingdom

  • Developing the event to include audiences and broader implementation in the future

The Target audience

  • Success Partners in Heights

  • Entrepreneurs

  • University educational cadres (doctors and professors in the relevant faculties)

  • University students

  • Those interested in knowledge in the various fields presented Majlis X

Session Information

Session Language: Arabic

Date: Sunday 9th April 2023

Time: 10-12pm

Location: The Prince Faisal bin Fahd Art Center - Misk

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Majlis X Fifth Edition

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