Heights Meetup for Entrepreneurship and Business

Majlis X Fourth Edition

Tue, 28 Feb 2023, 7pm - 9pm Heights Building, Al Olaya, Riyadh 12241, Saudi Arabia

Session Name: Venture capital investment in human capital

The topics of the session:

1- The concept of partnership between the employee and the organization

2- OHI Work Environment Index

3- Talent Attraction

4- The concept of return on investment for employee ROI

5- Job satisfaction

6-Your workplace.. your space for self-discovery

Speaker Name: Mohammed Bukhar

Brief About the Speaker: One of the most prominent leaders in the field of human resources, Hold the position of Senior Vice President Human Capital and Head of Riyad Academy. with a Successful profession of 17 years local & international experience in Media & Public Relations, Retail Banking and Human Capital.

Session Moderator: Yazed Almulhem

Brief: Presenter of conferences and dialogue sessions, and a specialist in the areas of strategic planning, project and strategic partnerships management

Session Language: Arabic


Mohammed Bukhari

Session Moderator

Yazed Almulhem