Heights Meetup for Entrepreneurship and Business

Majlis X First Edition

Wed, 16 Nov 2022, 7pm - 9pm Heights Building, Al Olaya, Riyadh 12241, Saudi Arabia

Customer experience and branding

We are pleased to host in this edition the most prominent speakers in the field of customer experience and in the field of branding and the impact of both on the desired results with customers, and their connection in creating an event with integrated qualities, with professional implementation and results that satisfy customers in events and conferences.

Session Topics

Customer Experience Session
- An overview of the concept of customer experience
- Building strategy into the customer experience
- visitor experience in events and activities
- How to manage risks and challenges to reach a successful CX

Branding Session
- Branding Concept Overview
- Planning and setting the right goals and tools to build the brand
- The importance of brand management in the event and its connection to the visitor's journey
- Introducing and discussing the most important experiences in the trademarks of well-known institutions
Our speakers
Yasser Humaikani
Founder and Creative Director of "Yaa Studio", specialized in designing and developing brand identity and managing artistic projects.
Abdulaziz Al-Osaimi
Vice Chairman of the Customer Experience Association, author of the Customer Experience book, and consultant for strategic planning, performance measurement, project management, and customer experience.
Our Moderator
Yazed Almulhem
Presenter of conferences and dialogue sessions, and a specialist in the areas of strategic planning, project and strategic partnerships management