Majlis X

Majlis X First Edition


The meetup hosts several prominent guests in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and constitutes a discussion on several different topics each time. We are pleased to host in this version the most prominent speakers in the field of customer experience and in the field of creating branding for projects, also we will see the impact of both on the desired results with customers, and their connection to reach the satisfaction of visitors in events & conferences.

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Majlis X Second Edition


This session is about (Developing Your Personal Brand Equity in the Saudi Market); the event will feature Brandie Janow, who has broad experience in the Saudi business market. Brandie will present a two-hour workshop on Personal Brand Equity which will cover topics such as public speaking, networking, and thought leadership.

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Majlis X Forth Edition


One of the most prominent leaders in the field of human resources, Hold the position of Senior Vice President Human Capital & Head of Riyad Academy. with a Successful profession of 17 years local & international experience in Media and Public Relations, Retail Banking & Human Capital.

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Majlis X Fifth Edition

9th April 2023

This session has a special place in harmony with the holy month of "Ramadan" and its spirituality. In a rich discussion that combines the concepts of art, culture and heritage and expresses the aesthetics of human, the artistic works and the expressions of self and others, with the participation of Saudi experiences by talented speakers in various fields: Fashion design. Architecture and interior design. Designers Journey. Entrepreneurship and business. Cultural events and programmes

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Majlis X Sixth Edition


THE POSITIVE MINDSET with Eng.Rakan Tarabzoni Chief Operations Officer at the Future Investment Initiative Foundation in Riyadh Prior to that, he held the position of Head of Institutional Communication for the Public Investment Fund. He led the launch of the global conference " The Future Investment Initiative " at the local and global levels

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Majlis X Third Edition


We are pleased to host one of the most prominent speakers in the field of media, Mr. Majid Al-Ghamdi, in a special session on "Media Appearance  Strategies for Leaders" During which we will discuss several main topics, including: how the leader creates influence, how to build a media identity,  and its connection to building the identity of the event. We will also discuss what falls under the name of media burnout and understand what it is, in addition to learning more about Al-Ghamdi's media experience in the podcast

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Majlis X "HER"

On this great Women's Day, we dedicated the session to all women leaders in all fields, to motivate, encourage and support each other, and to emphasize the importance of this day by celebrating women's achievements and contributions to society All men are welcome too! But on this day the women will take the helm, and the microphone will be exclusively for them to speak up. The session duration will be 2 hours, 1 hour of the open mic, and the other hour to connect and build relationships. of course, a cup of coffee will be made for you to get the perfect day.

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