Doers, Thinkers, & Believers!

Since our inception in 1999, Heights had an ambitious vision for the event management industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to have a global presence and unlimited capabilities that compete with the leading countries in this field.

What Do We Do?

• We carry out marketing research and market study for the event sector

• We create innovative and uncommon marketing campaigns

• We carry out indoor and outdoor advertising

• We create corporate identity and branding

• Communicate with sponsors

• Preparing the names of the proposed sponsors and participants

• Exhibition management and marketing

• Recruiting and managing speakers and session moderators

• website design

• Creating, managing and marketing social media accounts

    Why Work with Us?

    At Heights we believe in the importance of ethics so we build a deep trust based on our communication.

    • Endless Passion

    • Clients are our Partners

    • Always Committed