We make the moment an unforgettable memory

Inauguration & Opening Projects

We were honoured to work on organising a number of inauguration projects in the presence of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and the Crown Prince, in addition to the presence of a number of ministers, heads of bodies, companies, businessmen and important figures in society.

Passion drives us and renewal defines us

Conferences & Meetings

We work in this sector to provide all services for the success of conferences, meetings and workshops professionally, with the participation and invitation of the most skilled local and international experts and trainers in various fields, and we design the event creatively to ensure a unique and successful experience.

We create an attractive and innovative work environment for employees

Communication & Employee Activities

At Heights, we seek to achieve the organisation's goals and practical vision by creating a stimulating, attractive and encouraging work environment for productivity, as we organised events for several government agencies and companies in the annual ceremony, celebrating national annual events, and we are also distinguished by the innovation of events and the relevance of events to the activity of the organisation.

We are proud of creating innovative events and exporting our culture to the world

Organising Festivals & Event Management

At Heights, we believe that we have exceptional experience in organizing renewable events and festivals of all kinds, as well as organizing cultural and tourism visits with the aim of introducing visitors and guests to the originality of our culture and our wonderful heritage in a modern way that is consistent with our identity while providing all events and logistical services.

We travel with you to another world of creativity

Exhibitions & Pavilions

We believe in Heights that we have sufficient experience in the field of organizing exhibitions and implementing realistic and virtual pavilions, and our experience in the field lies in providing the best standards of creativity and innovation in all technical and logistical services for exhibitions, where we had the precedence in this field by organizing and managing several exhibitions over the years, including local and international exhibitions.

From design to professionally executed

Management of Projects & Temporary Construction

We provide our services in project management, equipment and quick and temporary construction, and we are distinguished by a distinct methodology that includes flexible and agile administrative and strategic frameworks by providing solutions and implementing them, that methodology has been developed from our accumulated experiences that exceeded 20 years.