Since our inception in 1999, Heights had an ambitious vision for the event management industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to have a global presence and unlimited capabilities that compete with the leading countries in this field. We faced many challenges, excelled in our mission and presented many successful models in managing Events, exhibitions, conferences and festivals, in addition to our excellence in the construction aspect.

The Kingdom’s Vision 2030 came to crown the efforts of everyone who has worked hard in various vital fields in our beloved Kingdom. The vision drew for us a roadmap with mature trends and clear wisdom in all aspects of the various sectors in the Kingdom, to put us at the meeting point of endless energies, possibilities and opportunities with workspaces, production and construction. We Roll up our sleeves, and we have done more, invested in what is available and developed with new qualitative presence; we have truly proven that we are qualified for this leadership in the management of exceptional events for all our clients to become a rich source of confidence that we inspire from our wise and confident leadership.

The first thing that came to our mind was to focus on an approach that distinguishes clients in a way that we study their needs and requirements separately and without integrating different identities. The leadership-based performance that our company adopts has enabled us to meet many challenges over the years and in fact has enabled us to go a long way to achieve in a short time and with high efficiency and effectiveness. Our company's leadership-based performance has enabled us to take on many challenges over the years.

Today we are expanding our business and introducing new services, and commitment to quality along with intelligently designed services, at competitive prices has been the backbone of the success that we will continue to take pride in meeting the needs of our clients. Through our new website, Heights' creative team was able to facilitate the user experience to reach analytical communication methods and qualitative engagements with our clients to ensure that their goals are achieved as required.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my deep appreciation to our success partners and clients for their continued belief in the company and its management, and I would also like to thank our management team for their support and continued determination to grow with us at every stage and with every challenge. I also want to thank our employees for their dedication and commitment to working with us and building a strong foundation to maintain and continually improve the company's performance.

The CEO of Heights