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When was Heights founded?

Heights was established in the year 1999 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Are there branches of the company around the world?

Yes we have offices in Riyadh, Dubai, Cairo and Prague

How many projects have been implemented?

More than 700 projects in the field of events and construction

What are the main services offered by Heights?

Events Management of all types

Marketing, Media and Public Relations

Consulting and solutions

Support and logistic services


What types of events does Heights carry out?

Whatever you are looking for: conference, festival, exhibition, organizing competition, awards ceremony, signing agreements and partnerships, launching new product/service/branding, & employee internal communication events

What is Height’s approach?

  • Communication and Engagement
  • Understanding of the client's needs
  • consultation and review the inquiries
  • Planning Strategy building
  • Implementation
  • Monitoring

How many employees are in Heights?

We have more than 100 employees in our headquarters and offices around the world

What is the address of the headquarters in Riyadh?

You can send us an email to:

Or you can call us via the unified number: 920002081

Or Whatsapp Number: +966 55 400 6784