Our Tools & Equipment

We provide all services and products to suit your needs and requirements, through a wide range of high quality equipment and technology, including:


  • Screens of all kinds "LED screens"
  • Billboards and sign screens "Digital Signage"
  • Live Streaming of events "Hosting Live Streaming"
  • Live Streaming screens "Live streaming"

Shows of Light & Sound

  • 3D and 2D display technologies "Projection Mapping"
  • Design and implement professional aesthetic lighting systems "Lighting"
  • Advanced audio systems "Audio"
  • Hologram Technology
  • Stage and platform design
  • Video and display systems "Video & Media Systems"

Cameras, Photography & Production

  • Equipping self-counting cameras for visitors at entry and exit
  • BTZ Sony HD cameras
    • Fixed and mobile cameras (drones and crens 12 meters)
    • Direct montage
    • Photography
    • Shooting a video
    • Production of images

Modern Techniques

  • Virtual event technologies "Virtual Event Solutions"
  • Interactive touch screens
  • Interactive projectors
  • Augmented reality technologies "Virtual Reality"
  • Robots
  • Interactive Wall

Supporting Devices, Systems & Technologies

  • Voting system services
  • Translation systems
  • Waiting systems
  • Self-registration
  • Fully equipped operation, monitoring and control rooms
  • Bosch Dicentis Wired setup
  • Create websites
  • Electronic payment systems
  • Manage registrants remotely
  • Meeting systems
  • Wireless microwave network "Integrated Networks"
  • Monitoring and protection systems for events "CCTV"