CEO Letter

Doers, Thinkers, & Believers!

Since our inception in 1999, Heights had an ambitious vision for the event management industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to have a global presence and unlimited capabilities that compete with the leading countries in this field.

A Well-Known Industry

The Power of Meeting Industry

The power of events is drawn from the power of people, when the masses meet in one place, they can do the impossible with their creative and limitless ideas! 

They have the ability to come up with new ideas, develop the learning process, and continually exchange various actions and situations to reach a harmonious understanding from all sides, and this means that wonderful change comes to the world through the creation of events, whether large or small. 

It is an exceptional and vibrant process, which allows this industry to spread awareness among all, end all conflicts, resolve crises, enhance all beginnings and offer possible solutions by stimulating continuous keeping pace among the masses, and creating endless innovation in their minds.. It is in fact a dynamic industry, rapidly growing Going deeper day by day in our amazing world.

Saudi Arabia is a promising destination for the events industry

The event industry scene in Saudi Arabia has become a major contributor to the national GDP, and its development is sure to massively enhance the Kingdom's position as a major business hub in the region, according to the National Exhibition and Conference Programme. 

Recently, this industry has been developed by investing in the elements of modernity, technology, excellence, expertise and big budgets, in line with the ambitious vision of the Kingdom 2030 to become a promising destination for the events management and its reflection on various sectors related to this industry.

A Name and the Power of Meaning

Acrophobia? We Are Not Afraid Of Heights!

We can always find two sides of the same coin. It is well known in human logic, that for everything that exists on this earth, there is an opposite to it! It's easy, we just have to know how to define our view of things, are they negative or positive, are there results, or are they just attempts? This is the secret behind the name Heights, we by nature love challenges and yearn for heights, for the great results!

Some who choose the positive side have the ability to climb mountains and raise the flag of success, while others choose to fear heights throughout their lives! Here is the beginning of our story when we decided to commit to our performance, experience, and success on our journey around the world.

We are not afraid of heights, on the contrary we like to delve into them literally and figuratively!

Heights Privileges

  • Awards


    We are honoured to be awarded the best conference and exhibition organiser in the KSA. We have been awarded twice in 2013 and 2015, respectfully.

  • Classification


    We attain the first rank in the official city-service providers' classification by the Ministry of Municipal & Rural Affairs & Housing.

  • Accreditation


    Also, we are an accredited member of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI)