How can know information about the coming event?

You can know all information in this regard through following our twitter account @Heights_Co

Why I have to sign a contract before participating in any activity?

Because, the contract includes all clauses which guarantee the organizer and heights company's rights, in addition to the registration process starts after signing the contract.

What are the benefits that I will get at the end of the activity?

You can know all benefits whether a certificate, financial payment or both of it through your account before signing the contract.

What are my duties in the committee?

The organizers will be divided into committees according to certain criteria then everyone will know his tasks and duties before starting the event during the workshops.

What are the times of attendance and leave?

The internal affairs committee is the responsible for setting the times of attendance and leave, you can know these times after your acceptance using your account.

How do I know more information about the events?

You can know more information about the activity through your profile, following our twitter account @Heights_co to answer your questions and following the event's website.

When can I get my benefits?

After finishing the event, you will get a phone call with all details.

How can I contact the training management?

You can contact us through our website (leave your message in the chat and we will contact you).

I face problems in the registration process and can't finish it!!

If you face any problems in registration, contact us directly through the email tp@ha.com.sa or twitter @heights_co

How can I participate in an exhibition or event?

You can register through our website only, after the official announcement of the event or the exhibition through our website or twitter


Follow our accounts to know all the updates in this regard.